True Realism

When we first thought of developing crankbaits for the market we knew we could not use plastic.It just does not have that realistic action that a Balsa lure has.That is why All of Bro Bass Baits lures are made from Hand selected Premium Balsa.The action of a handmade Balsa crankbait is just more life like, and our durable top coat and top of the line components our lures are built to last.

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We Have Been there..

Bro Bass Baits has been helping Sport fisherman around the country catch there trophy's.From the shallowest creek to The deepest rivers Bro Bass baits has been there and Got it done for Anglers.When your catch of a lifetime is on the line you can count on Bro Bass Baits

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One of A Kind

Handmade Balsa Cranks that have a realistic wobble that entices stubborn predators to bite.

Durable Top Coat

That will Protect From even the most Savage Gamefish.You can count on Our Lures to Land that Trophy.

Quality Components

Our Lures are made with the best components that You exspect.Quality stainless steel Split rings, 3d eyes.and Durable paint Jobs.Our lures are built to last.